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Russell Criswell--Owner/Master Craftsman: Russell founded Vulcan’s Forge Jewelers in 1986, after completing a 7-year apprenticeship in metalsmithing. Experience in fabrication, machine work and retail customer service gave a solid background for running a custom jewelry store.

Over 21 years of custom work, he has created some truly unique pieces, pushing the boundaries of what can be called jewelry. “I enjoy the challenge of creating something that has never existed. It’s very rewarding to make something unique from a customer’s idea. We are now seeing a second generation. The children of couples I made wedding sets for are coming in for wedding jewelry of their own. Several have told me they would not consider getting their special jewelry anywhere else.”

Russell’s talents extend to creating armor and weapons, and restoring his 100-year-old home and 45-year old cars. Scuba diving and travel round out some of his outside interests.

Byron Phillips--Senior Bench Jeweler: Byron began working for Vulcan's Forge in January 2006. After graduating with a BFA in metalsmithing and jewelry from K-State in 1997, Byron went to work for noted silver-artist Robyn Nichols. When he heard about Vulcan's Forge, he realized what an opportunity it was for him to grow in his interests. For the past few years Byron has made thousands of custom pieces, much to the pleasure of our customers.


William Mitchell--Bench Jeweler: Will came to work for Vulcan's Forge in the fall of 2007. He studied metalsmithing at Gem City College and graduated in 2003. After taking a year off to find his place in the world, Will found Vulcan's Forge where, he says, he "fits in perfectly."