Gem Color(s) Birthday Anniversary
Amethyst Purple February Sixth
Aquamarine Light Blue March None
Citrine Amber/Gold November Thirteenth
Emerald Green May None
Garnet Any except Blue January None
Iolite Violet/Blue None Twenty First
Opal Multi-Colored October Fourteenth
Pearl white, cream and gold, grey, blue and black with hues of rose, lilac, and green June third and thirteenth
Peridot yellowish-green, bright green, and pleasant olive hues August sixteenth
Phenomenon Multi-colored None None
Ruby Red July fortieth
Sapphire Blue, Yellow, Red and Pink September fifth and forty-fifth
Spinel Red None None
Tanzanite Blue and Purple None None
Topaz Blue November Twenty Third
Tourmaline Multi-Colored October None
Zircon Multi-Colored December None

Text and images provided courtesy of American Gem Trade Association